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20-something Associate Product Manager from Philly @ WSJ, Barron’s. Writing about what I’m learning! • Tech, Media, Personal Finance, Self Development, Health •

Introduction To This Exercise

[ Better intro Coming soon :] I have a planner (page a day) that I like to write in for productivity in all areas of my life, but it is not serving me optimally to help assist me to reaching my goals in all these areas — career, health, fitness, learning, cooking, etc. I want to create a better template / planner for myself that can also serve others (the ambitious, single 20-something y/o), and in order to do this well, I plan to utilize the human-centered design process and might as well document the journey!! More coming soon.

Overview: The Human-Centered Design Process


In this Medium, I write a personal reflection and go through an exercise (shoutout to the Morning Brew’s Founder’s Journal Podcast) to analyze and elevate your tribe to better align to your personal values and goals. Our tribes consist of our personal connections, role models, communities, and content. It is important to methodically build our tribes because we are the products of all of these inputs in our lives. On my end, I think that it is a good time to do this exercise since I’m going through a career transition and have been feeling very ambitious lately. Try it…

I️NFJ = Introverted, Intuition, Feeling, & Judging

In this article, I break down my Myers-Briggs personality type I, N, F, J and discuss some healthy reminders that I find help me be a better me, touching upon things such as nutrition, productivity, giving back, self care, and relationships.

Writing this as a reflection has helped me better understand myself and embrace me and my personality, but the reminders are something that others of different personality types can relate to and take away from as well!

Apparently INFJ is the rarest personality type, making up about 2.3% of the world’s population. Backed by psychology, the Myers-Briggs Questionaire indicates…

Hello :)! I hope this is an informative and fun reflection to read if you are at all interested in Sports Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning (ML), Python Programming, & AI in Sports. Though a bit long, I keep it organized and link a lot of sources if you are interested in learning more.

NFL Operations presents the Big Data Bowl 2021

Intro. & I Was Pumped for Super Bowl Sunday

Writing this reflection in the spirit of Super Bowl LV (Big Andy Reid Fan), I took time to reflect on what I learned doing the NFL Big Data Bowl 2021 Analytics Competition. My submission is named Defensive Back Domination and has a summary of my outcomes…

Moneyball 3.0: How Visual Data Is Supercharging Sabermetrics In Sports

By: Katherine Lordi, Eli Mauskopf, & Jazmyn Stokes

We implemented a Decision Tree and an Artificial Neural Network to classify pitches as swing or no swing and ball or strike (using 1’s and 0’s) in order to help batters and umpires. Specifically, we used the Python Scikit-Learn package and Python Keras API. In the process, we applied some skills in data science and learned more about these Classification Algorithms. Here’s how we got there!

Our Motivation

In the exploration of theories and methods related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Science, our team (Katherine and Eli being MLB fans and Jazmyn a…

[ I took some time to revise + edit + clean up this manifesto on 4/28/2021 (2 years later :) to make it less wordy and a bit more readable ]

5 key points that make up my design philosophy. Paper Prototype :)


During my time as a student at Bucknell University majoring in computer science & engineering and management, I’ve immersed myself in software development, data analytics, engineering consulting, and interdisciplinary teamwork. In each of these experiences, I’ve seen how the design process and human-centered design play an integral role to develop successful products and outcomes that are actually useful for people.

Introducing a VR For Guided Mindful Meditation

What is an aspirational use of VR that makes a profound and meaningful impact on users? Our team came together in order to design something that embodies what we collectively think VR should be using A-Frame and the Google cardboard. Following our design process, building, and user testing in this design sprint, our team is happy to introduce our VR for Guided Mindful Meditation.

Our VR for Guided Mindful Meditation is a way to enter a new environment and listen to a guided voice that encourages mindfulness and relaxation as a break from the stressors of everyday life.


Meet our team! Dan Kershner, Katherine Lordi, Samantha Nolle, and Jordan Sechler

Introducing… Tap Tap Revolution! A Spin-off of Dance Dance Revolution

Thinking back to fun childhood memories spent at the arcade playing games and winning tickets in exchange for prizes, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) was always one of the largest games in the entire arcade that required the most physical activity.

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Arcade Game

DDR is fun to watch (and play!) because it requires rhythm, coordination, dancing ability, and willingness to potentially look silly in front of strangers. Keeping bodily expression and fun as the primary design goal for this design sprint, our team decided to recreate an online version of the…

Our team’s prototype for the Union County Library System Mobile App is designed for the boomers.

Who are the Baby Boomers? They are the generation born between 1946 and 1964 often overlooked by the buzz surrounding millennials and their use of rapidly advancing technologies. In the “Design For Others” sprint, our team redesigned the mobile website for the Union County Public Library System ( using the human-centered design (HCD) process to cater to the needs of and be appealing to the baby boomers (or more simply, the “boomers,” our target users).

Stages of our Design Process:

→ Needfinding & Design…

Katherine Lordi

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