20-something Associate Product Manager from Philly @ WSJ, Barron’s. Writing about what I’m learning! •Tech, Media, Financial Literacy, Self Development, Health•

Intro — Financial Literacy, Men, Women & Building Confidence

Ever question your skills and abilities or if you’re good enough at something? *Raises hand*. It’s normal to feel this way, and often, these feelings arise due to a lack of confidence in ourselves. Therefore, practice makes perfect! Thinking about confidence in the realm of financial literacy:

‘Women have lower…

[ I took some time to revise + edit + clean up this manifesto on 4/28/2021 (2 years later :) to make it less wordy and a bit more readable ]

5 key points that make up my design philosophy. Paper Prototype :)


During my time as a student at Bucknell University majoring in computer science & engineering and management, I’ve immersed…

Introducing a VR For Guided Mindful Meditation

What is an aspirational use of VR that makes a profound and meaningful impact on users? Our team came together in order to design something that embodies what we collectively think VR should be using A-Frame and the Google cardboard. Following our design process, building, and user testing in this…

Katherine Lordi

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