“Dance With Your Hands” With Tap Tap Revolution!

Introducing… Tap Tap Revolution! A Spin-off of Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Arcade Game
“Tap Tap Revolution” Demo Video

Our Design Process

Choosing the Game… Trial and Fun!

Playing around with laptop webcam for image detection

Idea #1 Slither.io

Wizard of Oz testing for Slither.io game. User clenches her fist to indicate a boost in speed.

Idea #2 Frogger

Wizard of Oz testing for Frogger. User clenches her fist to move frog across the busy road and tilts hand left and right to move frog left or right

Chosen Idea: Flash Flash Revolution

On-screen user interface of flash flash revolution. When translating the arrow keys to hand gestures, two hands are required to play the game.
Flash Flash Revolution provides a wide range of difficulty settings and song choices ranging from easiest to brutal.

Formative Testing: “Wizard-Of-Oz”ing Tap Tap Revolution

User interface for our Wizard of Oz testing of FFR. Users pressed the arrows and went through the motions of the game while developers pressed the actual arrows on the laptop.
  • Users enjoyed having a precise location to “tap” physically.
  • Users became more and more comfortable the more they “played.”
  • Users found the mapping of hands keys to arrow keys and music intuitive and amusing, especially when many have tried DDR or another alike version of the game before.

Building Tap Tap Revolution: Python and Vision Detection via Webcam

Testing to see if altering color of pixels by covering paper with hand registers change to use as input to FFR.
To get rid of false positives in color/pixel recognition, we took the average color of a circle with radius of 64 pixels (pictured on laptop).

User Testing Post-Development

Users enjoying and providing user feedback on Tap Tap Revolution!

Demo Day & User Feedback

Conclusion: Designing for Fun/Expression



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